The power of shavasana

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I have been so busy lately and recently exhaustion hit me with rather a large bang!!…..I had been running around allot and my recent trip to the UK kind of finished me off…..Instead of my regular practise, I dedicated this time to my beloved shavasana for a few days, and voila…I feel totally revived and ready to continue with the intentions I set for myself….

I have to share  the power of shavasana because I know that it could help so many of you get through those periods of exhaustion.  Shavasana literally means corps pose, rather appropriate for how I was feeling the other day!!!!  It’s fundamentally where you lay on your back, and relax…perhaps easier said than done?!  Firstly I would like to share a few benefits, then give you  some guidelines for the practice as I am sooooooooo passionate about the power of shavasana!!

Shavasana relaxes the whole psychol-physiological system.  It refreshes an overworked mind and completely eradicates fatigue, it really does!!!  Shavasana is a useful tool for anyone who is over loaded, stressed, tired or suffering from insomnia, and done before you go to bed is one of the most natural sleep aids available as winding down before you go to bed is vital for a good night’s sleep.

In this day and age we think that something can only be effective if it is a complex, sophisticated system or drug and something as simple as doing shavasana could not possibly work……personally I think the world has gone made and returning to a little bit of simplicity would be hugely beneficial for the everyone.

So how does one do shavasana?…some SIMPLE guidelines:-

Find a space where you can put a mat, or blanket on the floor, preferably a space that is free from clutter, but certainly a place where you can close the door and not be disturbed.

Find some wonderful relaxing music and put it on a very low volume so it’s kind of bathing you in a sweet vibration.

Make sure you are warm, as the body relaxes the body temperature drops and you can feel cold, so personally I like to cover myself with a pashmina or a snuggly blanket depending on the general temperature.

Set your alarm (preferably something subtle, not one of those funky phone alarms).  If you set your alarm, this means you can simply let go of the time and totally surrender yourself to the practice.  If possible, not less than 20-30 minutes, for extreme exhaustion, 1 hour please!!!

Have a cushion on under your head, and a cushion or two under knees.  Having something under your knees will relax the psoas muscle which pulls on your back when your legs are straight.

Close your eyes, have your palms facing up and take a long deep breath in, exhale and let it all go.  Continue with long deep breathing and imagine that your body is dissolving into the ground….and feel yourself getting lighter and lighter…..




  1. thank you anandi!
    …so useful at the moment…i especially like”not less than 20-30 mins!!!

    maria xx

  2. Thank you Anandi, I can’t help feeling that people have forgotten about the meaning of ‘restorative’. You may be interested in my piece on my blog about ‘moving with the seasons’. When you wrote this piece you were clearly responding to your needs and what was most beneficial at that time. A lesson we could all learn. Nixy xx

    • Thank you Nixy…..very true!

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